Provaci Anche Tu Lionel

Paolo Ormi
7 inch
FLIES 45-53



Limited edition 7″

Out on July 2nd, 2023

SIDE A1: Provaci Anche tu Lionel (Poliziesco)
SIDE A2: Provaci Anche tu Lionel (Indagine)
SIDE B1: Provaci Anche tu Lionel (Discoteca)

A welcome addition to Four Flies 45s series, this is the first 7-inch release ever of one of the very few soundtracks written by Paolo Ormi, who is better known as a music producer of Italian funk, disco and library music, not only for big stars such as Raffaella Carrà but also underground projects geared to the disco industry.

The 7″ contains three uber-funky instrumentals, two of which previously included in Four Flies’ now almost impossible-to-find compilations Esterno Notte and Esterno Giorno (both of which feature unreleased film music from the archives of the former RCA Italy).

Composed for a negligible 1973 comedy – a weak parody of Woody Allen’s Play It Again, Sam starring dubbing actor Oreste Lionello, who for decades lent his voice to Allen – Ormi’s score is one of the funkiest blaxploitation-inspired soundtracks ever made in Italy.

The opening track on side A, with its stylish wah-wah guitars, pulsating bass, drum breaks and pronounced horn section, is a crime flick theme that clearly bears the influence of Isaac Hayes’s “Shaft”. Also on side A is a real gem – previously unreleased in any format – where funk meets b-boy breaks, while side B has more of a Latin groove à la Nico Gomez, with a tropical funk vibe that is reminiscent of some of the best music produced at the time by Ormi, such as “Cocco Secco” or the disco tracks released under the moniker Red Redford.

Three super-danceable tunes that will set any dancefloor on fire.

Limited Edition – be quick before all copies are gone!


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