Amo’ / Voce ‘e Notte

7 inch


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Limited edition 7″

Out on July 7th, 2023

SIDE A: Amo’

SIDE B: Voce ‘e Notte

Coming straight outta Salerno’s vibrant music scene, “Amo’ / Voce ‘e Notte” is the first 7” single from female rap duo Zetas. Released by DJ’s Choice, a partner label of Four Flies Records, it contains two songs produced by beatmaker, rapper and producer Tonico 70, a true veteran of Southern Italian hip hop.
Both young millennials, rappers Annarella and Miriade were exposed to the world of underground hip-hop from an early age, jamming, freestyling and listening to different music than their peers. Active as a duo since 2019, they’re now making their official debut with this 7”, which will be followed by an album at the end of September.
The A-side track “Amo’”, which is about the overuse and loss of meaning of the word ‘love’ (amo’ translates as ‘luv’), makes their intentions clear. Zetas rap in the exuberant dialect and slang of their native city of Salerno, while their sound looks back to the ‘90s through a contemporary lens. Raw rhymes are delivered with an urgent flow over a beat that, rather than boom-bap nostalgia, is a modern take on classic production styles. The result is a happy medium between old school and fresh – one where the melody of dialect rap and rhymes blends wonderfully with the rhythms of funk, soul and reggae.

“Voce ‘e notte”, on side B, has a different mood, but the same approach. Here, Zetas weave wistful verses tinged with disillusionment and toughness on top of Tonico 70’s 808-led beat, paying tribute to a classic Neapolitan song also titled “Voce ‘e Notte”. The result is a rap serenade that transforms and reimagines the Neapolitan song tradition through today’s sensibility and, of course, through hip hop.

Out on 7 July 2023. Also available in digital format.


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