Sandro Brugnolini
LP + 7 inch


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Ltd. Ed. 500 copies LP 180gr + 7” bonus
First complete reissue of the unobtainable BEAT LP 002
Extensive liner notes written and signed by Maestro SANDRO BRUGNOLINI himself
Includes a bonus 7’’ 45 rpm single with two tracks performed by Gepy
Remastered from the original quarter inch reels with the full co-operation of Brugnolini himself


A1 – Cup
A2 – Fantabulous
A3 – Op
A4 – Fantabulous
A5 – Sal
A6 – Susp
A7 – I’ve Glimpsed You

B1 – Sog
B2 – I’ve Glimpsed You
B3 – Rhyt
B4 – Fantabulous
B5 – Vol
B6 – I’ve Glimpsed You
B7 – Fantabulous

After GLI ARCANGELI, but before GUNGALA and L’UOMO DAGLI OCCHIALI A SPECCHIO, italian Master Sandro Brugnolini composed the soundtrack for FANTABULOUS, a stunning pop movie inspired by
the world of comics, superheroes and secret agents, directed by Sergio Spina in 1967. The music is a mixture of jazz, mod sounds and psych-beat, where Brugnolini adapts his jazz leanings to the new musical fashions of the day: soul, R&B and psychedelia. This soundtrack was from ever almost officially out of print, languishing up to now in the deepest reaches of obscurity, much sought-after both for the elusive BEAT Records 7”, published at the time to promote the two songs in the film, but even more so for the original LP, a real ghost-album which never appeared anywhere or anytime. The Four Flies issue for the first time reconstructs this incredible soundtrack in its entirety, thanks to a meticulous restoration work obtained from two different master tapes kept in the personal archives of Brugnolini himself and BEAT Records. Also included is the 7” with two alternative mix (never before published anywhere) of the tracks performed by Gepy: a real treat for soul and R&B DJs all over the world.FANTABULOUS – LA DONNA, IL SESSO, IL SUPERUOMO – Italy, 1968. Directed by Sergio Spina; subject and screenplay: Furio Colombo, Ottavio Jemma, Sergio Spina. Starring: Richard Harrison, Adolfo Celi, Judi West, Nino Fuscagni, Enzo Fieramonte, Gustavo D’Arpe; Production: Summa Cinematografica, Procinex, Pari

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