The Green Birds


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A1 – R. Sperduti – Tam Tam Shake
A2 – R. Sperduti – Rock n. 1
A3 – Myrval – Rally
A4 – F. Bonfanti – Ambiente elegante
A5 – F. Bonfanti – Underground
A6 – Corfull – Cantabile Nostalgico
A7 – Corfull – Giallo Tensione

B1 – F. Bonfanti – Grottesco Ritmico
B2 – R. Sperduti – Suggestioni
B3 – F. Bonfanti – Cantabile n. 1
B4 – F. Bonfanti – Riflessioni
B5 – R. Rizzati – Fischio Barocco
B6 – Myrval – Visioni
B7 – Corfull – Agricolo con ritmo

Totally brilliant and obscure psych era Italian library music. Originally released in 1971 for the microsmall label Vi.Di.Elle, the same label as another psych bomb, “The Black Fire – Cream”. Behind the mysterious “The Green Birds” name is a marvellous trio of unsung composers like FRANCO BONFANTI, ROMANO RIZZATI (Corfull) and RENATO SPERDUTI (Myrval), playing here some really dope jams in the style of the Braen’s Machine’s Underground LP. The whole album is full of psych effects, synth melodies, wah-wah & fuzz guitars, drum breaks & loungey vibes. Track A4 “Ambiente Elegante” by Franco Bonfanti was compiled in the cultish Speedball Experience in 1996.

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