Squadra Antifurto Black Vinyl LP

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis



Black Vinyl LP

Out on April 12th, 2024


A1 – E nun ce voio sta
A2 – Squadra antifurto (Suspense)
A3 – Squadra antifurto (Azione e mistero)
A4 – Squadra antifurto (Azione)
A5 – Squadra antifurto (Nico a New York)
A6 – E nun ce voio sta (Versione fisarmonica e chitarra)
B1 – Squadra antifurto (Nico a New York #2)
B2 – Squadra antifurto (Azione #2)
B3 – Squadra antifurto (Suspense #2)
B4 – Squadra antifurto (Azione #3)
B5 – E nun ce voio sta (Versione chitarra)
B6 – Squadra antifurto (Azione e mistero #2)
B7 – Squadra antifurto (Azione e mistero #3)
B8 – E nun ce voio sta (Titoli di coda)


Limited edition Black Vinyl LP

Here at Four Flies, we kind of feel we need a bigger word than ‘proud’, this time, to present, in collaboration with Beat Records, the first-ever release of the original soundtrack written in 1976 by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis for the legendary Squadra Antifurto, the second chapter of the comedy-infused crime saga directed by Bruno Corbucci and starring Tomas Milian as the iconic Italian Police Marshal Nico Giraldi.

The excitement in this case is nothing short of gigantic, difficult to rein in for those who, like ourselves, grew up adoring the character played by Milian as one of our cult heroes, and dreaming that the soundtracks of the first three films in the saga – the only ones composed by the De Angelis brothers – would one day be released.

Since the launch of our label, Squadra Antifurto has been at the top of the list of film scores we most wanted to release. Until a few months ago, this dream of ours seemed destined to remain just that, so strong was the conviction in all of us that the master tapes were definitively lost, that they had forever vanished into thin air. That’s why their recovery, made possible by Maurizio De Angelis himself and the persistence of our friends at Beat Records, is an extraordinary feat.

Nearly 50 years after it was first heard in cinemas, the soundtrack penned by the De Angelis brothers is resurrected in its entirety and can finally shine its incredible power all over us.

Beautifully seeping through this score – like many others composed by the golden duo in the 1970s – are elements from the Italian, and especially Roman, folk tradition, for instance in the warm, heartfelt ballad sung by Alberto Griso, “E nun ce vojo sta,” which first plays in the opening credit sequence and is then reprised in various forms throughout the film, culminating with the soul-stirring orchestral version that closes the album’s tracklist.

But as in any Italian crime film worthy of that name, a different soundscape takes centre stage: it’s the music that accompanies the countless scenes of tension, action, and pursuit that punctuate the film, and which has made us fall madly in love with this score.

The main theme is a prog-funk joyride, drawing inspiration from the traditional tarantella but elevated to irresistible energy thanks to a rock orchestration featuring psychedelic flutes, wild percussion, distorted electric guitars, piano chords, and various feedback and delay effects.

The resulting groove is just mind-blowing, and we almost can’t believe it’s finally available on a record, completely remastered for vinyl.

We really couldn’t be prouder, and dedicate this release to all passionate fans of Italian crime films, the De Angelis brothers, and Tomas Milian aka Nico Giraldi.

Available starting April 12th on standard black vinyl and limited coloured vinyl (transparent amber, limited to 300 copies).


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