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LP Vinyl Black

Out on September 29th, 2023


A1 – Bomberz
A2 – Amo’
A3 – Didattica
A4 – Rimm’ ‘a Verità
A5 – Solite Storie (feat. Angelica Cascone)
B1 – Voce ‘E Notte
B2 – Mare
B3 – Funky Shit
B4 – Zetasound


Didattica is the first album from Zetas, a female rap duo coming straight out of the city of Salerno, on the south west coast ofItaly. Entirely produced by beatmaker, rapper and DJ/producer Tonico 70, a true veteran of Southern Italian hip-hop,the full-lengthdebut isreleased on DJ’s Choice, a partner label of Four Flies Records.

Born between the 90s and 2000s, rappers Annarella and Miriade were exposed to the world of underground hip-hop from an early age, jamming and freestyling. Rather than going for the sounds of trap and auto-tune that are so popular in their age group, however, they immediately embraced the spirit of old school rap, withitsboom bap vibes. As suggested by the album’s title itself (which translates as ‘teaching’ or ‘learning’) they view of rap as a school – that is, as an art form where constant training is key if you want to stay true to your values and identity.

With the help of producer Tonico 70, Zetas have created a record that is fresh and contemporary, while paying tribute to the past.They rap about everyday urban life in the exuberant dialect and slang of their native city, delivering raw rhymes with a tightand very expressiveflow, while Tonico70 uses a classic sampling approach but also incorporates real instruments into his beats–Antonio D’Apolito’s guitar, Peppe Maiellano’s keyboards, Giuseppe Desiderio’s bass and Giuseppe Limpido’s drums.

The result is an excitingcombination of funk, soul, dub, R’N’B, reggae, and even electronic influences,one where deep bass and syncopated rhythms blend wonderfully with the melody, urgency and authenticity of dialect rhymes.

Out on vinyl LP and digital on 29 September 2023. 


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