SANGUE DI SBIRRO | pAd reworks

Alessandro Alessandroni
12 inch


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Out on 9 July 2021

A1 – Manhattan (Nightclub Version)
A2 – Manhattan (Daylight Version)
B1 – Philadelphia (Daylight Version)
B2 – Philadelphia (Nightclub Version)

The latest installment of Four Flies’ exclusive 12-inch vinyl series for DJs features Neapolitan-born producer pAd putting a dance-floor spin on “Manhattan” and “Philadelphia”, both from Alessandro Alessandroni’s soundtrack to Alfonso Brescia’s Sangue di Sbirro (aka Knell, Bloody Avenger, 1976), a pulp/noir score that perfectly embodies Alessandroni’s take on the Italian approach to blaxploitation (the main theme is clearly inspired by Isaac Hayes’s music for Shaft).

pAd gives each Alessandroni original the double treatment, with a “daylight” and a “nightclub” version. His daylight “Manhattan” combines disco-funk with elements of 80s electro, while his nightclub one is more openly nu-disco/nu-soul and incorporates hip-hop and jazz-funk sounds. In its turn, “Philadelphia” is reworked into a delicate, soulful downtempo track (nightclub), as well as into a dub/leftfield & slow funk version with a sprinkling of Arab influences (daylight).

pAd’s brilliant reworks fully respect the spirit of the originals while giving them new life in the present, where the music of a genius like Alessandroni is finally getting the recognition it deserves.