Barton Think




★ Second release for our partner label TIME IS THE ENEMY
★ Previously unreleased tracks by the super talented US producer BARTON THINK
★ Out on 18 JUNE 2021


A1 – Dreamin’ (Intro)
A2 – Beautiful Place – Feat. Colonel Red & Dynamite MC
A3 – In The Dark (Winter) – Feat. Denitia
A4 – Everything I Need – Feat. Dynamite MC
A5 – Umatilla
A6 – Voices – Feat. Colonel Red

B1 – The Big Thing (Interlude)
B2 – Inuit Sunset – Feat. Monk
B3 – I Can’t See
B4 – Human Family – Maya Angelou Tribute
B5 – Grey And Green
B6 – You (Rework) – Feat. Christopher Ghidoni
B7 – Another Soft Message – Feat. Krystal Hardwick

The Album:
For months now, Time Is The Enemy has been on the trail of enigmatic artist Barton Think.
Apparently he has been around the music business for decades, but oddly enough, he has left only a few traces of his presence. Like a skilled alchemist, Barton Think combines soulful beats and jazzy downtempo into a unique sound that takes those genres into bold new territories.

They Say:
“We discovered this enigmatic producer from Austin, Texas, through intensive digging and thanks to helpful advice from Colonel Red – an old friend of Jazz:Re:Found and one of the most appreciated voices in the UK.
Barton Think’s identity is still unclear, but this bizarre producer has an incredible music knowledge, as the unreleased gems that we unearthed clearly show.
We found some interesting sources within the Reddit community. Everything remains shrouded in mystery, but we believe Barton Think will be a really crazy and compelling story to delve into.”
Denis Longhi (Art Director)

“I think this record perfectly represents the soul of both Time is The Enemy and the Jazz:Re:Found festival. It’s not an avant-garde record, and Barton Think is not a child of the times. Rather, he is a father of the times; an artist who doesn’t need special effects to amaze the listener and doesn’t follow the fashions of the day. His fascinating music, at once retro and visionary, makes him an artist worth discovering and exploring, including with regard to the mystery of his identity.”
Khalab (Producer)