LA TARTANA (Whodamanny Remix)

Francesco Fisotti
12 inch




12″ Vinyl Black

Out on May 5th, 2023

A1) Whodamanny – La Tartana (Short Night Version)
A2) Whodamanny – La Tartana (Long Night Version)
B1) Francesco Fisotti – La Tartana

Four Flies’ new imprint Edizioni della Notte is back with a 12-inch maxi single of infectious remixes of Francesco Fisotti’s boogie funk track “La Tartana” by eclectic Neapolitan DJ/producer Whodamanny.

The original track, which comes from the 2021 album Lido Sirena (named after a beach resort in the Salento area of Apulia, where Fisotti used to spend his summers as a child), blends funky disco, synths, drum-machine beats and improvisation into an exciting new sound that Fisotti calls “Adriatic funk”.

Inspired by slow-tempo but irresistible Italo and cosmic disco tunes, in particular Tonino Balsamo’s 1983 “Sta Guagliona Mo Ddà” (one of the rarest Neapolitan grooves ever, recently reissued by Periodica Records), Whodamanny’s two remixes amplify the original’s dancefloor potential by adding a nocturnal vibe and elements such as synths and electronic drums, as well as a short vocal line (“Don’t stop till the music stops”) to create a catchy call-and-response effect.

Whodamanny himself explains that he produced not one, but two remixes due to his love of extended dub versions. “It’s sort of a professional quirk,” – he says – “but you know, it’s inevitable. You’re sitting at the mixer, listening over and over to a track… Of course you’ll find bits you can stretch out to create a fantastic flow! And my approach is always the approach of a DJ. I want whatever I produce to work well in my DJ sets, so these remixes too were bound to be club-oriented.”

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