Italian Library Special: CARNET TURISTICO + URBANISTICA (2 LP)


45,99 32,00



Special Combo: a very special prize for the GERARDO IACOUCCI’s two library LP from 1971 Flipper archives

From the legendary DENEB series, one of the grooviest Italian library ever. Amedeo Tommasi and Gerardo Iacoucci (alias H. Caiage) at their best. An explosion of heavy organ sounds, jazz & psych-beat, with killer drumming breaks and mellow tunes. Highly recommended for dj!

From the very sought after OCTOPUS series, URBANISTICA is now come back to life in a special 180gr limited edition of 500 copies. M° Gerardo Iacoucci is one of the men behind FLIPPER’s sound scene, also known for L’AVVENTURA and SIMBOLISMO PSICHEDELICO (both published for DENEB label), but this is definitively his grooviest record, totally psych-beat, with jazzy-breaks, killer hammond, stunning drums and soul-jazz brass section.

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