GIULIANO SORGINI | Exclusive Halloween Bundle

Giuliano Sorgini


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An exclusive vinyl bundle for this year’s Halloween, including:

– FLIES 47 Lp (Giuliano Sorgini – Occulto)
– FLIES 45-21 7″ (Giuliano Sorgini – Telecinesi)
– FLIES 45-25 7″ (Giuliano Sorgini – Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti)

OCCULTO is a journey into the mysterious atmospheres of the Italian occult-sounding music of the time, something very close to the dark electronic masterpieces that made Sorgini famous, such as ZOO FOLLE.

TELECINESI is a 7-inch single featuring two alternative versions of ‘Telecinesi’ (Telekinesis), a dark, nocturnal tune with a supernatural, macabre flavour, fuelled by solid drum breaks, percussions and restless synths harmonies. On the flip side you’ve got a drums and synths only version, which sounds even more spectral and abstract than the original mix.

NON SI DEVE PROFANARE IL SONNO DEI MORTI (aka The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue / Let Sleeping Corpses Lie) is the soundtrack that gave Sorgini eternal and worldwide fame as an occult composer, one who, being perfectly at ease with a certain type of Italian horror cult films, has gradually come to represent the quintessence of frightening Italian film music.

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